Guarantee, Security & Automation

CodeContract is created with the objective of having guarantees of what we do online. The platform allows an automation of contracts, invoicing, payments, changes and others.The transactions made on the platform are complyed with all law regulations, are certificated and are demostrated by a document that the users can download.


B2B & B2C, A platform for services between companies and final customers

Our platform allows to have a control in the transactions through the tracebility and the notifications on real time.

Some trasactions we worked on are: online budgets, online offers, online inovicing, logistics, letters of credit, representation agreements, buy-sell companies, mortages and others

We have created a total regulated platfrom and authorized for creating transactions safely through an easy, intuitive and deductive design



All the transactions can be deployed without third participants.


The platform interact on real time between what is happening in physicial world and digital world.


The technology allows to know the process from the beginning in a safely way, without conflict of interests.


All the transactions include forensic certificates which could be showed to legal or tecnical specialist.


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